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WEEE Recycling

What is WEEE recycling?

Electronic waste is one of the fastest growing global waste streams. The WEEE directive came in to effect to reduce this growing waste stream from entering landfills. This directive enforces stringent collection and recycling targets for businesses involved in manufacturing, distributing, storing, disposing, and selling electronic equipment. These businesses have a duty of care to dispose waste in a responsible manner by using a licenced waste organisation.

What we recycle

Each year we recycle thousands of tonnes of IT, telecoms and many other types of electronic equipment. We accept and recycle waste from the categories of the WEEE listed below. However, we specialise particularly in Category 3 - IT and telecommunications equipment, some of these items include;

  • PCs & Laptops
  • PC Components – Fans, Heat Sinks, CPUs, RAM etc.
  • Servers & Racks
  • Display Equipment – CRTs, LCD Monitors
  • Hard Drives
  • Mainframes
  • Mobile Phones / Smartphones / Tablets
  • Telecoms Equipment
  • Network Equipment
  • Routers & Modems

CRT & LCD monitors must be handled carefully as they contain hazardous substances.

We will recycle all forms of IT equipment; this includes computers, laptops, servers, server racks, projectors, various computer components and many other items. As for server rooms and datacentres we provide a secure decommissioning service which ensures your equipment is safely removed from your site and any data bearing media is kept secure until it is destroyed. For more information, please visit our Datacentre Decommissioning page.

Secure hard drive destruction is also provided as part of our service. After destruction all the remaining materials are recycled ensuring your entire data remains safe.

Our solution

As a fully licenced WEEE recycling company; we are able to offer a complete recycling solution. Our efficient recycling process allows you to dispose of your equipment with ease and requires minimal effort on your part; all you need to do is call us and arrange a time which suits you, and we take care of the rest.

Why choose Juz Electronic?

Juz Electronic is a recycling company specialising in IT and Telecommunications recycling services throughout the world. We have six sites over three continents; this gives you the flexibility of using our global network to safely recycle your electronic equipment. Wherever you are located, we can provide you with a secure service. We cover all sectors; SMEs, Large organisations, government departments, education sector, healthcare sector etc.

  • Fully compliant and licenced waste organisation – we meet and exceed government standards
  • Responsible recycling, 0% goes to landfill – supporting your CSR portfolio
  • Secure facility
  • Detailed and accurate reporting - You can provide these as evidence to help you stay compliant
  • Flexibility of using the facilities and logistics of a global organisation
  • Easily service all your global locations through one organisation