Your recycling solution

Silicon & Wafer Recycling

We recycle silicon wafers; scrap, broken patterned wafers, IC bare wafers, IC broken wafers, rejected, IC flake with plastic, polished or coated silicon wafer scrap, and IC wafer, we purchase any type of scrap wafers.

We recycle silicon wafers manufactured during the semi-conductors production process. We also recycle large quantities of wafers from solar panels. The solar panels are made from rejected and discarded wafers.

If you have any scrap wafers to recycle, we can provide you with a high quality solution, please contact your local Juz Electronic office for more details.

Wafer reclaim

Wafer Reclaim is reconditioning the surface of a processed wafer. Films are chemically removed and the surface is polished so the wafer can be cleaned to the LPD specification required. Crystal defects in the wafer will not be altered

Wafers can be reclaimed to suit your needs. Whether you need ultra clean reclaim wafers or a basic handling wafer without an LPD requirement, JUZ Electronic can provide wafers that meet your exact specification. Once we build up an inventory of your wafers that have been reclaimed to your specifications, the wafers can be stored at JUZ Electronic and you can request shipment as needed to save space and make sure you are paying for wafers only when you actually need them.

Silicon Recycling

We offer Silicon recycling services for a cleaner and greener environment. All of the Silicon material that we acquire will be re-melted and used for the manufacturing of solar cells and panels.

We are interested in acquiring and recycling all types of Silicon Products in all forms including (but not limited to);

  • Broken Wafer Patterned or bare
  • Whole Wafer Patterned or bare
  • Silicon Poly Chunk
  • Pot Scrap IC Grade
  • Tops & Tails IC Grade
  • Ingot

The Silicon material we are using for re-melt Solar Applications should be in the resistivity range of;

  • 0.5 ohm per cm. and above for P-type
  • Ohm - cm and above for N-type

We offer very competitive prices for materials with the above specifications. We can also purchase Silicon materials under these specifications. Contact your local office for more information.